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What will you need to register your child?

* Copies will be made & originals immediately returned **


Your child must be present 

Child’s Birth Certificate- age 4 before September 30th

Child’s Social Security Card 

Child’s Current Immunization Record- must have expiration date at the top of the page 

Current electric bill - If the electric bill is not in the parent’s name listed on the birth certificate, the       notarized affidavit must be submitted as the second proof 

Second residency document

     must be one of the items  below: 

- Vermilion Parish Schools Notarized Residency Affidavit

(if the electric bill payee is not the parent on the birth certificate) 

- current water bill 

- current gas bill 

- current filed Homestead Exemption Application Form

- current lease agreement 

Proof of Income- Each adult in the household must  provide one of the following: 

- 2 consecutively dated check stubs for the last 2  months of employment 

- Signed Employer Letter on business letterhead

- Must  include business name/address where the parent/guardian is  employed, hourly rate of pay,    and the average number of work hours per week. 

- Statement of No Income Form - adults, 18 or older, with  no income must complete the form at the    time of registration

- Declaration of Irregular Employment Form - for irregular work, self-employment, or when no tax documents  available 

- SNAP/food stamp statement with child’s name and current certification date 

- Social Security benefits details page for the Pre - K child and all family members living in the  household  who receive benefits 

- Signed Foster Care Placement Agreement by Department of Child/Family Services 

- Vermilion Parish Student Services Homeless Verification papers 

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